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Outdoor Hands

Everyone in the office here at Outdoor Hands enjoys the great outdoors whether working or playing and we have what you call Outdoor Hands.

We were fed up of trying all sorts of hand creams which fell short of their claims and left our hands feeling greasy.

18 Months ago my mother was hospitalised as a result of the preservative levels in her hand cream and other products she was using on a daily basis.

We spoke to experts and manufacturers and told them that we wanted an honest, non greasy hand cream without the nasty preservatives.

Outdoor hands is the result
Charlie Morris – Outdoor Hands


Intense Hand Cream

Our hand cream is formulated by the experts. Made from a unique blend of nourishing natural butters, botanical oils, vitamin E and aloe vera. Easily absorbed with a non-greasy finish, it will relieve cracked or chapped hands, feet, elbows and other dry skin.

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